This section is aimed at bringing together the multiple resources that are available out there and that shape  public understandings of the relationship between children’s data flows and online privacy.  The page will be structured in three different sections and will bring together not only a list of organisations, policy institutes, tech collectives and research projects that focus on the issues discussed, but also a list of  research articles and books that can be of interest to you.

In the last few years we have witnessed a proliferation of a plurality of  articles, publications and research papers that question the social and political implications of children’s digital traces or explore the relationship between big data and privacy. One of the main problems, which defines current debates in the field, is represented by their extensive fragmentation. In this section of the website, we hope to bring some of these various perspectives together, and to create a ‘library’ of resources that you can consult if you want to find out about some of the social and political complexities that emerge as family life meets big data and artificial intelligence.

As the research progresses we will continue to update all the different. Of course, our resources are limited and time is scarce, so if you want to help out, or you read something that you think should be linked to the page, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email:



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