Related Publications

  • Barassi Veronica. forthcoming. ‘Youth, Algorithms and the Problem of Data Traces’ in Leah Lievrouw and Brian Loader (Eds.)  Handbook of New Media, Routledge
  • Barassi, Veronica (in press) The Child as Datafied Citizen: Algorithmic Inacurracies and Data Justice in Family Life, submitted to G. Mascheroni Digital Parenting: Critical Challenges for Families in the Digital Age” Giovanna Mascheroni, Ana Jorge and Critsitna Ponte (Eds.) NORDICOM Yearbook 2018
  • Barassi Veronica. Under Review ‘Digital Citizenship in the Age of Coerced Digital Participation’ Invited submission for special issue Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, Alicia Renedo Christopher McKevitt (Eds.) Sociological Research Online
  • Barassi Veronica and Zamponi Lorenzo. Under Review. Social Media Time, Identity Narratives and the Construction of Political Biographies, Invited Submission for Special Issue on Time and Temporality in Contentious Politics, Social Movements Studies Journal

Related Talks

Above is a list of publications and talks that relate specifically to this project. If you are interested you can find a full list of my publications here.