A Personal Journey to 1.5 Million Views.

Posted by on Nov 17, 2020 in Digital Profiling
A Personal Journey to 1.5 Million Views.

One year ago in November, 2019 I walked on the stage of the Denver Bellco Theatre to participate to the TedxMileHigh event, and to talk in front of 5000 people. I was terrified. I had been working on my talk with my amazing coach Helena Bowen who over three months helped me to translate my academic jargon into something that could be understood; she also made me memorise every single word of my talk, and challenged me with constant feedback and support.

That evening as I walked on the stage I realized how precious all her work had been. I was happy to be there, and despite the fear, I made the most out of it. There are many reasons why people accept to do a Ted Talk. My personal reason was that I really wanted to find a way to share the main ideas that I gathered during the Child | Data | Citizen project, and to raise awareness on the human rights implications of the datafication of children.

Today, in the isolation of my home office, as I was thinking how much I missed public events, I realized that the Ted talk had reached 1.5M views, and smiled.

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